Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

Yard Sale Signs
by Jennie Webb

Directed by
Elina de Santos

 Ann Bronston, Corryn Cummins, Maia Danziger, Jaxon Duff Gwillim, Hollace Starr, Jennifer Taub & Inger Tudor

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and Matthew Elkins

Production Manager: Amanda Mauer

A comedy about mothers and daughters and other things that imply some sort of responsibility, Yard Sale Signs is set in unmistakably female terrain: a discount clothing store’s communal dressing room. Yet on this shopping trip, the characters find themselves examining much more than their fashion choices. 
Because on this particular day, battling the force of full-length mirrors, the women who have been brought together are compelled to look beyond their reflections and projections. Perhaps they catch sight of something they never wanted to see staring back at them: their own mothers. 
With an absurdist edge, the sometimes ruthless journey throws light on the stuff we all accumulate as we move through life, and the rather circuitous paths we follow to convince ourselves we’re rid of it.

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May 13th:
Rant & Rave
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