Running Time: Small Engine Repair runs approximately 1 hour 15 minutes with no intermission.

Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

by John Pollono

Directed by
Andrew Block

Josh Helman, John Pollono, Michael Redfield & Donnie Smith

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn

Production Design: David Mauer
Stage Manager: Brenda Davidson and Daniel Coronel
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer

The multi-talented John Pollono wrote Rogue Machine’s “Small Engine Repair” and stars in it as Frank, the eponymous owner of a modest, very oily shop in Manchester, N.H.One night as Frank is closing up, two high school friends arrive. It turns out he’s tricked them into coming. Packie (Michael Redfield) believes Frank has cancer, whereas Swaino (Jon Bernthal) thinks there will be strippers. These two lies, perfectly baited fishhooks, show how well Frank understands loyal, gullible Packie and lady-killer Swaino, even though, in their mid-30s, the three have drifted apart. Packie and Swaino aren’t even on speaking terms, but Frank, distributing intoxicants at a relentless pace, good-humoredly mediates a reconciliation. As the booze goes down and the weed goes up in smoke, crazy anecdotes are recounted (with a level of detail that, while perhaps not faithful to the coded banter of many close friends, is far friendlier to the audience). Old wounds are reopened.


Pollono spins his apparently meandering setup into a psychological thriller worthy of Hitchcock… Persuasively directed by Andrew Block… The actors take their characters so far beyond type that they can even, refreshingly for dramatis personae, laugh at themselves.
- LA Times       

[read the entire review here]

Exceptionally engrossing, entertaining, funny, and true-to-life… Perfectly cast… Brims with well-rounded, natural intuitiveness and discerning production choices.

- LAist       

Small Engine Repair is yet another example of Los Angeles theater at its world-classiest. From its initial laughter-packed minutes to the edge-of-your-seat suspense which begins about midway through to the roller coaster of emotions its final moments inspire, John Pollono’s Small Engine Repair delivers one rich evening of theater in seventy-five memorable minutes.
- StageScene LA      

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