Rogue Machine Theatre
presents the National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere of

by David Jacobi

Directed by
Guillermo Cienfuegos

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and David Mauer

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May 13th:
Rant & Rave
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Gone Rogue!

August 2018

 Scenic Design: David Mauer
Lighting Design: Matt Richter
Costume Design: Christine Cover Ferro 
Sound Design: Chris Moscatello
Production Manager:
Amanda Bierbauer
Technical Director:
 David Mauer

Stage Manager: Ramón Valdez
Graphic Design: Michelle Hanzelova   

In the aftermath of a hate crime, Junior High pariah Goon befriends one of the victims, Carly, the only black girl in school. While the town plans a rally "to destroy racism forever," a youthful romance blossoms and the two must navigate the pitfalls of falling in love while dealing with the town's prying eyes, especially those of Wikipedia Jones, the crime-solving son of the Chief of Police.

Passive-aggressive antics, bad parental advice, and ill-informed gestures of kindness create a "White Guilt Perfect Storm" that threatens to make the course of true love a rocky road indeed.



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