American Premiere
Written by Tom Morton-Smith | Directed by John Perrin Flynn

Opens October 6th at 8PM

Starring: Rachel Avery, Delilah Bank, Marwa Bernstein, Daniel Jordan Booth, Ron Bottitta, Ryan Brophy, Jason Chiumento, Brendan Farrell, Rori Flynn, Rick Garrison, Zachary Grant, Mark Jacobson, Kirsten Kollender, James Liebman, Daniel Shawn Miller, Scott Victor Nelson, Brewster Parsons, Jennifer Pollono, Sophie Pollono, Michael Redfield, Brady Richards, Rachel Sorsa, Kenney Selvey, Jennifer Sorensen, Landon Tavernier, Dan Via and Miranda Wynne

"I feel like I’ve left a loaded gun in a playground."

A man always isolated in the crowd, J. Robert Oppenheimer is chosen to lead the largest scientific undertaking ever. The task? To make sure the Allies win World War II. To make the world safe for democracy. No sacrifice is too much — not friendship, nor love, nor deep-rooted beliefs — but the way he will save the world could ultimately destroy it.

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