Rogue Machine Theatre
presents the American premiere of


​by Dionna Michelle Daniel

Directed by
Desean Kevin Terry​

Produced by
​John Perrin Flynn, Julie Bersani, Cristian Kreckler, Lysa Myles, Keiana Richàrd and Bruce Lemon Jr.

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September 8, 2018

Lighting Designer: Tor Brown
Scenic Designer: Priti Donde
Sound Designer: Jeff Gardener
Costume Designer: Wendell C. Carmichael
Production Manager: Amanda Bierbauer 
Technical Director: David Mauer​ 
Musical Director: Calvin (Cody) Blake
Assistant to Director: Keiana Richard
Choreographer: Christopher Eclipse
Graphic Design: Cristian Kreckler
Stage Manager: Jenny Park
Dramaturg: Ariane Helou
Betty - Cherise Boothe
Betty - Mildred Langford
George - Jon Chaffin
George - Donathan Walters
Alvis - Derek Jackson
High Priestess - Sha'Leah Nikole
Banjo - Ann Polednak
Violin - Crissy Joyce

NOTE: the roles of BETTY and GEORGE are double-cast. Please refer to the following schedule.

American Saga: Gunshot Medley Part 1

Friday, 10/5 @ 8:00 PM - J. Chaffin and M. Langford
Saturday, 10/6 @ 8:00 PM - D. Walters and C. Boothe
Sunday, 10/7 @ 2:00 PM - J. Chaffin and C. Boothe
Friday, 10/12 @ 8:00 PM - D. Walters and C. Boothe
Saturday, 10/13 @ 8:00 PM - J. Chaffin and M. Langford
Sunday, 10/14 @ 2:00 PM - D. Walters and M. Langford




Gunshot Medley: Part 1 is a lyrical and mystical new play about the struggle against systemic racism. 

Set in a haunted North Carolina graveyard, this delicately-crafted work brings past and present together in a soulful tale of lives destroyed by the deep-seated racial tensions and conflicts that have marred America's history from Antebellum south to the present day. 



“A solid shot to the heart and mind. Singing is smooth, gorgeous and melodic, lulling the listeners, both onstage and beyond the fourth wall, into realms of serenity, emphasizing deep heartbreak and incomparable joy.”
                                                                                                                                                                     - Stage Raw

"Elegant, moving and rigorous...poetic theatre. There’s a young playwright in town whose name you would do well to remember. It is Dionna Michelle Daniel.”
                                                                                                                                                             - Cultural Weekly

“The beauty of this play might be in its ability to teach the audience how to hear what it has to say. By the end, the audience breathed with the performer. That is a powerful play. Support this voice. 
Go see the play. Listen.”                                                                                                          - Discover Hollywood

“Brilliant play…a work of tragic majesty. This is what theater is for, it’s why it matters. Desean Kevin Terry directs with bold and imaginative expansiveness, creating a kinetic sense of movement and drama in harmony with his excellent design team.”                                                                            Stage and Cinema