Rogue Machine Theatre
presents the World Premiere of

by Leslie Ayvazian

Directed by
Michael Arabian

Leslie Ayvazian, Robertson Dean, John Perrin Flynn, Janet Song and Rachel Sorsa  

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and Elina de Santos

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June 1st:
Ready Steady...
July 6th:
American Saga...
June 10th:
Rant & Rave
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June 9th, 2018
at 8:30pm

Saturdays and Mondays at 8:30pm, Sundays at 3:00pm
Now extended through July 23!

 Scenic Design: John Iacovelli
Lighting Design: Brian Gale
Costume Design: Kate Bergh
Sound Design: Kevin Anthenill
Fight Choreography: Michael Arabian Assistant Director: Cecilia Fairchild

Production Manager: Amanda Bierbauer
Technical Director: David Mauer

Stage Manager: Ramón Valdez
Graphic Design: Michelle Hanzelova   
John Saypian is a modern-day Don Quixote. He and his family are second generation Armenians whose parents escaped the Genocide. John believes that a tormentor is pursuing him. Is the enemy a haunted memory from his childhood or is he real? 

100 Aprils mines the dark humor of oppression, creating a story that is both timely and universal in scope. 


Please join us for a talk-back after the show with the following special guests:

JULY 1 - KITTY SWINK - Antaeus Theatre, Artistic Director

JULY 8 -  MARIA SAHAKIAN -  Director of Events at Glendale Arts/Alex Theatre  who produces the annual April 24th event at the Alex Theatre in Glendale

JULY 15 - PETER COWE - Head of Armenian Studies at UCLA


“Profoundly complicated brew of humanity - hope and fear, love and hate, desperation and resignation. A melancholy thing to savor and contemplate.”
- Night Tinted Glasses

“A powerful, intimate look at the effects of violence on a people….how real people respond to life’s twists and turns. 100 APRILS raises many issues worthy of serious discussion. Portrayed with compassion and honesty...Flynn achieves a moving portrayal of a man living between two worlds...and getting ready to leave both of them.”
- L A Splash

“I love playwright Leslie Ayvazian’s use of language. Michael Arabian (Director) gets the style of the piece exactly right…she gets at something I haven’t seen explored before.”
- Stage and Cinema