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Opens February 24 at 8:30PM!

Now at Electric Lodge in Venice!

El Niño

OPPENHEIMER by Tom Morton-Smith

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"I feel like I’ve left a loaded gun in a playground."

A man always isolated in the crowd, J. Robert Oppenheimer is chosen to lead the largest scientific undertaking ever. The task? To make sure the Allies win World War II. To make the world safe for democracy. No sacrifice is too much — not friendship, nor love, nor deep-rooted beliefs — but the way he will save the world could ultimately destroy it.

Written by Tom Morton-Smith
Directed by John Perrin Flynn
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FINKS by Joe Gilford

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Do you know who your friends are?  

When the moment came to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) some artists chose to name names, others chose to risk their careers rather than betray their friends. Finks is Joe Gilford's farsighted yet tender tribute to his blacklisted parents, the real life story of young entertainers on the brink of success, who find themselves playing roles they never dreamed they’d have to play.

This production of Finks brings together Joe Gilford and director Michael Pressman, both children of the Blacklist.  

Written by Joe Gilford | Directed by Michael Pressman

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Rant and Rave: Chapter 92 - HUMILIATION 


Ava Bogle
John Perrin Flynn
Ann Noble
Christopher Monger
Tucker Smallwood
Tania Verafield

HOST: Daniel Jordan Booth

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Now Playing:
December 10:
Rant & Rave
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