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Opens February 24 at 8:30PM!

El Niño

​​American Saga - A Theatrical Ballad
featuring Gunshot Medley: Part 1 

September 8 - 23, check ticket page for dates and times

Gunshot Medley: Part 1 is a lyrical and mystical new play about the struggle against systemic racism. 

Set in a haunted North Carolina graveyard, this delicately-crafted work brings past and present together in a soulful tale of lives destroyed by the deep-seated racial tensions and conflicts that have marred America's history from Antebellum south to the present day. 

Written by Dionna Michelle Daniel
Directed by Desean Kevin Terry
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Rant & Rave - Chapter 88: LOSING

When? Monday, August 27 at 8PM

We take a group of vocal LA writers, give them a topic and a time limit. It's an evening of cathartic thinking by some of the most dangerous minds in the city. 

Come to hear what Steven Cragg, David Jette, Brian Letscher, Lauren Lyons, John Pollono, Stephanie Kerley Schwartz and a special guest have to say on the topic on LOSING. 

This will be the LAST Rant & Rave in our MET theatre space in Hollywood - we will go out with a bang! 

Tickets are only $15 online and $20 at the doors!

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When? Saturday, August 25 at 8PM

Play-writes get 12 hours to write, directors and actors get 12 hours to rehearse and the result is 24 hours of creative mayhem.

Come see what happens when Rogue Machine goes Around the Clock!

12 hours to write + 12 hours to produce = 24 hours of creative mayhem.

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September 8:
Gunshot Medley

Parking Info
August 27:
Rant & Rave
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