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Opens February 24 at 8:30PM!

Written by Justin Tanner
Directed by Lisa James

El Niño

Saturdays   8:30PM
Sundays      3:00PM
Mondays     8:30PM

LA Times Critic's Choice

Will the winds blow? The rains come? The cat die? 

Legendary local playwright Justin Tanner's laugh-out-loud comedy and his brilliant underbelly of sadness for humankind join forces in El Niño. 

Look for all you’ve come to love about a Tanner piece, including his regular cast. Directed by his longtime collaborator Lisa James and guest produced by French Stewart.

Starring: ​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​Melissa Denton, Maile Flanagan, Danielle Kennedy, Joe Keyes, Jonathan Palmer, and Nick Ullett   
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El Niño
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Rant & Rave
March 25:
Corktown '57 Reading
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