Rogue Machine Theatre

by Neil McGowan

Directed by
Deanna Oliver

Steven Cragg

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and Jennifer Pollono

Running Time: I Am Not Mark Twain runs approximately 60 minutes with no intermission. 
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer
Technical Director: David Mauer
Graphic Design: Kim Zimmerman

Steven Cragg’s HBO Aspen Comedy Festival winning one-man show I Am Not Mark Twain is the story of a married man’s cross-country trip to screw an ex-girlfriend. Funny, poignant, intense, I Am Not Mark Twain is a roller coaster ride of a tale told by Mr. Cragg in a horrible Southern accent, wearing a dirty, rank Mark Twain mustache and wig.
Steven’s credits include SNL, MadTV, Scrubs, and Happy Endings.


...they deliver what is frankly one of the most impressive scene changes I’ve ever witnessed in a theater space of any magnitude.

- Stage Raw       

[read the entire review here]

Director Guillermo Cienfuegos’ pacing builds tension with masterful assurance, while David Mauer’s jaw-dropping set transformations effortlessly segue from graffiti-laced subway car to urban streets to an intricately detailed interior for the emotional steamroller finale...
- LA Times       

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